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Immigration Information Coming Soon

Welcome to our website. Our plan is to use this site to provide information on immigration from and to Canada. We will start with immigration options for those people seeking to leave Canada, and then provide options on those located outside Canada who wish to relocate here. In providing this information, our focus is on Canada’s land neighbor, the United States.

With the advent of the world wide virus, and the response to it by Canada’s Federal government, we are seeing less demand for immigration services to Canada. As many countries have less restrictive public health measures than Canada, not many potential emigrants wish to trade possible economic gain for the loss of personal liberty. Correspondingly, more and more Canadians are concerned over the Federal government’s increasing draconian measures. Concerned that these measures will continue, or further restrict individual freedom, many Canadians now wish to leave Canada or explore their options to do so. These Canadians generally look South to the USA.

This website’s focus will be on providing information to those Canadians who wish to leave and move to the United States. While the US certainly has many restrictions based on the virus, compared to many nations in the world today, it is still relatively free. Its citizens to a large part make their own personal health decisions.

We are excited about providing this information. Look for it here soon. While you wait you can correspond with us.